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The three Cs of convergent media

The new media can also be thought of as digital media. Digital media encompasses forms of media content that combine and integrate data, text, sound and images of all kinds; are stored in digital formats; and are increasingly distributed through networks such as those based upon broadband fibre-optic cables. The idea of ‘new media’ captures both the development of unique forms of digital media, and the remaking of more traditional media forms to adopt and adapt to the new media technologies. Indeed, the lines between ‘new’ and ‘old’ media are hard to draw.


the legend spring heeled jack

The legend spring heeled jack.


Croxteth Hall Ghost

Croxteth Hall has been renowned for being haunted for many years, but it was thrown into the mainstream news in 2009, when something strange was caught on CCTV outside of the hall. In the footage, the alleged ghost appears from the bushes, slowly moving along a path leading up to the house, before disappearing.

Experts believe it may be the ghost of former resident, Hugh William Osbert Molyneux, the 7th Earl of Sefton, who died in 1972. One other theory is it’s the infamous gambler, William Philip Molyneux, 2nd Earl of Sefton, who laid the foundation stone at Aintree racecourse in 1829.

Local legend says that it’s William’s ghost wandering the grounds, and that he tends to appear around the time of the Grand National every year,

Inside the building lurks several ghosts. They include a young boy, who stands by the fireplace in the dining room. A dark shadowy figure that moves around the billiard room, and a gentleman, believed to be the 6th Earl of Sefton, walking through the tearoom.

Recently people have started reporting the shocking sighting of a man in a hood, with many people describing his face as “horrific”. Apparently he walks the corridors, and seems to stop and look at people, before turning away and disappearing into rooms closed to visitors!

The sound of footsteps are also heard, as well as cupboard doors opening and slamming shut of their own accord.


Speke Hall Ghosts


There is said to be several ghosts that refuse to leave this stunning Tudor mansion. Dark shadows are often seen floating around the Great Hall, and the overwhelming sense of oppression is often felt by both staff and guests alike. The sudden feeling of nauseousness is also a frequent report by people entering this room.

The Blue Room is also reported to give an unnerving feeling, and a dark shadowy figure is often seen. When seen, the figure has been known to whisper the words, “get out”. In the upper corridors footsteps are often heard, endlessly walking in the dead of night when nobody is around. The sound of children crying is also a frequent occurrence, even though the hall is empty.

With all these hauntings so far, the most prolific has not yet been mentioned. The story goes, that rather than cope with her husbands mounting debts and gambling problems, Mary Norris is said to have thrown the couples’ young son out of the window in the Tapestry room, into the murky waters of moat below. So devastated by what she had done, Mary then followed her son, throwing herself out of the window too. Since then, the ghost of Mary has been seen in the Tapestry Room, gliding across the floor, before disappearing into the walls. Although this ghost has been witnessed, the story of Mary and her son may or may not be true. So the lady seen here may be the restless spirit of someone else entirely.

Haunted Adelphi Hotel, Lime Street

The Adelphi Hotel

The Adelphi Hotel has been the location for numerous ghost hunts and ghost walks and is a favourite spot of many local paranormal groups. Some guests have reported seeing the ghost of a man known as George standing next to their bed during the night.

Other guests have reported that the third floor of the hotel in particular is haunted. Some have reported falling violently ill during their stay, whilst others have reported feeling watched and others have mentioned seeing someone standing by the side of their bed. There have also been reports of a demon on the third floor of the hotel.

A paranormal team who visited the hotel also reported hearing a growl or a disembodied voice and one of their team also reported being violently sick during their stay.